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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Protip #1

Some of you already do this and will think it is comically obvious. But someone out there will read this and think, "Oh, wow... that is such a great idea!"  and it will save them many a headache in the future. That person will achieve enlightenment.

Protip #1:

Whenever you are working on a computer and come across some oddity or have to configure things in an unusual or non-obvious way to make it work, make a note of it and document this information for future use. This will keep you from spinning your wheels trying to solve the same strange problem again later on (you don't think at the time that you will forget this stuff, but you will). One way to do this is to file this information away wherever you store important documents and information. This particularly works well if you maintain a lot of machines and want to keep your records in a centralized location. A simple alternative method (one I really like) is to simply write the information on a note card or something of that nature and put it inside of the case. That way, you can always find it when you are working on that machine.

Upon hearing this, the reader was enlightened.1

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